FXCM Earnings are barometer of the Forex industry

FXCM is the world forex leader, and their earnings reports are often seen as an industry benchmark
Summary (from latest earnings report)

  1. Shares of FXCM up 8% in May, vs. -3.5% for the S&P 500
  2. Revenues rose 20% to a record $122M in Q1
  3. Operating margin expanded from 18% to 24% based on advertising cost reductions
  4. Daily trading volume rose 6% to $1 trillion
  5. Retail revenue per $1 million traded fell by 6% to $88
  6. Increase in daily trades of 15% Y/Y to 437,811
  7. FX Swap
  8. Above-average trading volumes for FXCM in Japan